Made of soft and smooth fabrics that deliver total comfort all day long, each of our Plus Size Bras offer a blend of support and lifting action for a curve-complementing look you’re sure to love. Check out our guide to plus size bras to help find the styles that will work best for you!



We know that construction and style are key to creating the best-fitting bras. We use 40+ key components focusing on strap comfort, band and cup support and center gore stability in our designs to ensure a consistent, comfortable fit.


Finding the right bra is life changing. Here’s how to find yours…

  1. Measure Your Band Size: Put on your best-fitting bra. Wrap a soft measuring tape around your back just under your arms. If your measurement is an odd number round up or down to the nearest even size, depending on whether you want a tighter or looser fit. This is your band size.
  2. Measure Your Bust Size: Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your breasts. This is your bust size. If the number is on the half, round up.
  3. Find Your Cup Size: Subtract your band size from your bust size. Bust Size-Band Size = Cup Size. Please refer to the size chart on any of our bra product detail pages.
  4. Your Perfect Fit: Combine your band size (from Step 1) and your cup size (from Step 3) for your ideal bra size.


Depending on your body type, your outfit, your activity level, or your accessibility needs, we have the bra for you.

  • WIRELESS BRAS No wire, no problem! Our wireless bras have contoured cups that provide lift and support. These are your comfiest, all-day, everyday go-tos.
  • FULL COVERAGE BRAS Full coverage bras, as the name suggests, completely cover your chest for complete confidence and dependable support.
  • FRONT CLOSE BRAS Front-close bras have the hooks and clasps located between the cups for simpler maneuvering and self-dressing.
  • T-SHIRT BRAS Available in moderate or full coverage, wireless or underwire, our t-shirt bras have smooth cups that stay invisible under clothing.
  • POSTURE BRAS Relieve back, spine and neck pressure with our line of posture bras. They have a crisscross mesh back that helps prevent shoulder strain. Available in a variety of styles, you can experience posture support under any outfit.
  • SPORT BRAS Whatever the activity, our full coverage sport bras are ready to tackle it all. They have wider shoulder straps and are available in light, medium, or firm support.


The right bra should never be uncomfortable. Here are some tips to identify problem areas and how to fix them!

  • Center Gore: The gore is in the center where your underwire meets. It should lay flat against your skin. Go up a cup size or two until the gore lies against the skin and separates your breasts.
  • Band: The band should be parallel to the ground without riding up when you bend over. Fasten your band on the middle hook so it sits comfortably level on your back. If it digs in, try a looser hook. If it’s still tight, go up a band size and down a cup size. If your band is riding up, tighten the hook or go down a band size and up a cup size.
  • Cups: The underwire (if applicable) should completely surround your breasts. The cups should fit smoothly with no gaping. If you’re spilling over, go up a cup size. If there’s gaping, go down a cup size.
  • Straps: Your bra straps should be tight enough to not slip off during the day but should never dig into your shoulders. Because they are adjustable, if you have the right band size, you can fix the straps for the perfect fit.


Talk about bra-mazing technology! Don't avoid wearing off-the-shoulder, halter, strapless, and asymmetrical tops just because you're lacking the proper support. Instead, shop our selection of convertible plus size bras with slip-free technology and 5-way straps. Struggling with back, neck, and shoulder pain? Try a specialty posture bra designed to gently force the shoulders and spine into alignment via reinforced crisscross bands and full, contoured cups. We know that having a mastectomy or breast surgery of any kind is often a life-changing event. Fortunately, we have specialty bras, like post-surgical bras with cups designed to hold breast forms, that can help ease the transition.