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Love what you wear


... We mean it. It’s our reason to be. It’s our guiding mantra, and we want it to be yours too. We know size matters, and style should never compromise. That fashion must be available to every woman, no matter her measurements. With no second thoughts when she looks in the mirror. We’ve been at it a while, and we’re constantly learning from our customers along the way. Women just like you, who demand things fit in the latest styles – we’ve done away with any stress in simply getting dressed. No more we say. We listen to what you want and then we design and bring it to you. With passionate purpose and fiercest commitment, we serve and celebrate women’s bodies in all their many beautiful shapes. We create the clothes and the accessories, the shoes and the stuff you expect and will love to wear always. We might have been your great grandmother’s brand (it’s true), but we’re also yours too.


Fit, fit, fit, with a lot of style and good tech. So what does this mean for you? Because we’re always incorporating the latest technical innovations in fabrics and manufacturing, WW can improve upon what’s working while introducing new styles to our customers.


Comfort. Quality. Value. The magic three for what makes us tried and true. No bunching, bagging, pinching or tugging. No fading, tearing, ripping or splitting. And see you later sticker shock, as we always work to make WW prices fair and affordable for every woman.


We know you better and we’ve known you longer. And like a best friend, we’ve paid full attention. Fully engaged in body positivity, WW is devoted to making you feel really good about what you put on. Any time, anywhere, wherever life goes, WW is with you along the way

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