Plus size capris, much like jeans, should be designed to hug your curves in all the right places. In order to flatter your figure to the fullest, Woman Within carries stylish capris in specialty sizes, from 10 to 40 (S to 5X), and with a variety of features dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. We have capris in a range of colors. From traditional blue and black denim, to natural khaki and a desert rose, we have a hue to match your outfit of the moment.

Our plus size capris also have details designed to both enhance and comfort your body. Look to our elastic waist capris for a forgiving band that can contract and expand to meet your needs throughout the day. Pick up a pair of tummy-taming capris to slim your midsection with a hidden front mesh panel and elastic sidebands. Or, reach for a pair of smooth-waist jean capris that feature the touch of stretch you need for all-day comfort and wear.


There are many beauty myths that we like to dispel here, including the idea that short or petite full-figured women cannot wear capris. Capris don't have to make your legs look drastically shorter or truncate your body. If you are a short or petite woman shopping for plus size capris, just keep a few things in mind to balance your silhouette and help you look your best. If you have short legs, choose capris that fall below the knees because this style helps your legs appear longer. Also, pick shorter blouses and tops or shirts can be tucked into the front of your capris and left loose in the back, visually opening up the front of your body. If you prefer tunics, then go long when pairing them with capris.

Sandals are a popular shoe style to wear with capris, but choosing a pair that has straps around the ankles bisects the legs and makes them appear shorter. When looking for sandals in our shoe shop, opt for a pair that either comes in a tone to match your skin, or a pair without ankle straps for the appearance of longer legs. Want to wear booties with your capris? Pick a pair in the same color as your pants to keep leg shortening to a minimum.


Our shoe shop has a variety of different footwear styles that are perfect for pairing with your plus size capris. Capris are normally worn during the warmest months of the year, but they can work well as transitional pieces, too.

When wearing capris in the months overlapping winter to spring and summer to fall, try out your look with ankle booties. In the spring and summer, you’ll enjoy our selection of wedges, espadrilles, sandals, pumps, flats, and sneakers, all of which pair perfectly with your capris. Have fun with color here, push boundaries, and break as many fashion rules as your heart desires.