The first plus-size supermodel and body image advocate.
For over two decades, she’s been a leading voice and face in the fashion industry, empowering women of all shapes and sizes to live their best life.
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Q. What Is the Key to Happiness?
A. Is there one key to happiness? For me, there are many!
The first is being in the present moment. It helps me to not worry all the time. Worrying is all about the future, so being right here, right now releases all of that. It's much better being here now anyway.
Keeping life fairly simple, and seeing the beauty in that simplicity, is another key.
What always makes me happy is being around really great people, great beaches and boogie boarding. I know it’s summertime now, but having my electric blanket on a winter's day, a really warm bed, wonderful cups of coffee, excellent wine with friends and fireplaces and lots and lots of snow—that's what I love the most.
Something that happens every single day that makes me truly happy is that I can take a breath into my lungs and I can be here on this earth. I went through cancer and, although it wasn't a life-threatening cancer, I went through chemotherapy and was around a lot of people that had life-threatening illnesses. I saw their suffering and pain first-hand. And my mom died when she was 39. So I take deep breaths and get a lot of joy by being able to do that.
And the happiest moment of my life? The birth of my daughter.
There are keys to happiness everywhere you look, in plain sight. So take some time this month to find your keys to happiness and keep them with you wherever your summer takes you.
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Your Happy
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  • 1 cup full of gratitude
  • 2 lbs. of laughter
  • 1 bag of family and friends
  • 3 cups of love
  • A dash of excitement
  • A pinch of hope
  • Bake with sunshine and enjoy a generous helping daily!
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“The key to happiness is being optimistic, choosing things that are good for you and simplicity. If you believe in yourself and work hard, you’ll get there.”